Pallet Truck Shop Backs Logistics Specialist’s Brexit Prediction

Pallet Truck Shop Backs Logistics Specialist’s Brexit Prediction

Pallet Truck Shop has added its backing to the positive predictions set out by the deep-frozen storage and logistics firm, NewCold, which says that Brexit could increase demand within the UK supply chain.

NewCold confirmed earlier this month that it was hunting for additional premises and had new 60,0000 cubic metre facilities ready to come online in anticipation of storage opportunities booming in the UK when the country leaves the Customs Union.

NewCold predicts that additional boarder checks and delays will make storing items in the UK more attractive – which could create a real boom in the logistics and warehousing industries, as well as within the UK supply chain and its associated service providers.

Speaking to UK Haulier, NewCold Country Director Jon Miles explained, “Currently, it is possible for a food producer to store product in a warehouse close to the coast in Belgium or France and deliver directly into UK Distribution Centres within acceptable lead times. However, a recent study by Imperial College London has indicated that even an additional 2-minute stop at customs checkpoints could lead to the final 40 miles of the journey to the Channel Tunnel taking 5 hours. The time and risk associated with these increased journey times will mean that the most obvious solution is to store the products closer to the market in the UK.”

Phil Chesworth, managing director of Pallet Truck Shop says the entire materials handling industry has cause for optimism. “NewCold are talking about making a significant investment and that’s based on a reasonable assumption that with Brexit, there will be far reaching changes to the import and export processes we take for granted at the moment. There is a really positive market outlook for the next five years and this will be hugely beneficial to companies like ours who supply materials handling equipment right down the supply chain.”

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