Pallet Truck Shop Reveals How to Keep Employees Happy

Pallet Truck Shop Reveals How to Keep Employees Happy

Studies have shown that employees with high job satisfaction are more productive in the workplace, more loyal to their companies, and more engaged with work day to day. But with an uncertain future ahead of UK businesses, it can be difficult to offer money to keep employees satisfied in the workplace. But that isn’t the only way to keep workers happy, according to one of the UK’s most prevalent suppliers of pallet trucks and related materials handling equipment.

Pallet Truck Shop has over three decades of experience working in the retail sector, and throughout the years has built up a strong and loyal workforce. That, along with working with some of the most high-profile companies in the world, knows first-hand what it takes to keep employees happy and ensure they work for the business every single day.

The first tip the experts have offered up is to be open and transparent, and encourage two-way communication. ‘Honesty is the best policy’ is a well-known proverb, but this doesn’t always occur. And to expect honesty from employees, businesses must portray this, while also taking steps to create spaces where employees can communicate and share ideas easily.

Looking into training, development, and career mentoring is another great way to engage staff. It’s crucial that businesses have regular career discussions with employees as part of training and development schemes, in order to ensure workers are aware of the different types of opportunities throughout the company.

Speaking about the struggle businesses face, Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Pallet Truck Shop, said, “Last year it was reported that, due to a squeeze on workers, more people are unhappy in their jobs than ever before. Although money can be tight for companies and workloads increase, it’s important that businesses look at alternative ways they can reward staff to ensure they are as productive as possible, and of course, involved with the company.”

Promoting a positive work environment also helps up morale. Happy employees equal a happy company, and it’s so simple to keep this morale up. Greeting employees in a morning, having upbeat team meetings, and sending regular emails with positive feedback from customers instils a sense of pride within workers and results in them being happier in their role.

The final tip from the experts, is to make employees part of the bigger picture. “One of the best benefits managers can offer employees is the chance to make a difference through work which will aid the company’s future plans,” added Phil. “Knowing they are valued within a workplace, and play a key role in both the current, and future of the business, will ensure they remain a loyal employee for the foreseeable future.”

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