Pallet Truck Supplier Welcome Predicted Market Growth

Pallet Truck Supplier Welcome Predicted Market Growth

Midland Pallet Trucks, one of the leading suppliers of pallet trucks, drum loaders, and other essential equipment, has welcomed the news that the pallet truck market is expected to show its dominance over the coming years.

According to the Opportunity Assessment; 2017 – 2027 Research Report By Future Market Insights, North America and Canada are set to dominate the industry and increase demand, with Europe coming in a close second due to strong demand from Germany, France, and of course the UK over the next decade.

Speaking about the forecast, Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “Pallet trucks add an incredible amount of value to businesses. Aiding when it comes to manoeuvring items in almost every logistics workplace, they’ve also become a regular sight in retail stores – due to the rise in digital ordering and online orders, manufacturing workplaces, and of course warehouses. As a result, there’s no wonder the market is on the up and expected to rise at an incredible rate over the coming decade.”

Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa are also expected to grow at an almost unprecedented rate over the next 10 years due to growing warehousing operations in both China and India.

The growing manufacturing industry in the US and Europe, along with the increased need for transporting items from one location to another, are the factors which are expected to drive forward the growth of the global pallet trucks market.

Pallet trucks’ tough design and simple handling and operating are, according to the report, the two main features of pallet trucks that help them perform consistently well.

Phil, added, “Pallet trucks’ reputation as a niche product for niche companies has long been forgotten about. And ironically, as the world moves towards more digital ways of working, these age-old pieces of equipment are coming into their own, with all sectors seeing the benefits of them for themselves.”

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