Pallet Trucks UK bolsters huge stock of equipment with brand-new range of hydraulic jacks

Pallet Trucks UK bolsters huge stock of equipment with brand-new range of hydraulic jacks

Leading manual handing equipment retailer, Pallet Trucks UK has added an entire new product range of hydraulic jacks to its already enormous catalogue.

A wide array of different hydraulic jacks ranging from machines with 3t capacities to jacks with 25t capabilities is now available on the Pallet Truck UK website. The new additions provide hydraulic lifting equipment for all purposes, with the product arrivals coming just as businesses up and down the country gear up to end the year on a high.

Phil Chesworth, Pallet Truck UK’s Managing Director, said: “We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a brand-new product line of superb quality hydraulic jacks to our existing range. This gives us a really broad mix of models and extensive choice, with a solution to suit virtually any lifting application.”

The new range includes budget jacks with 3t capacities and super-low lifting toes at one end of the scale, extending all the way up to heavy-duty, industrial-strength 25t jacks made with heat-treated steel and electrically-welded bases and cylinders for added strength.

Hydraulic jacks are used to lift extremely heavy loads and are used by many trades for a variety of uses across the UK, including lifting cars and vehicles for repairs, the installation of heavy machinery, shipbuilding and bridge building.

Hydraulic jacks work by applying pressure through the handle to the small cylinder which is connected to a larger cylinder. This pressure, when transferred to a larger cylinder with a larger area, generates increased force and is therefore able to lift extremely heavy weights.

The expanded Pallet Truck UK’s range now offers a huge choice of series and models including the MHC range of heavy-duty, industrial strength jacks, the HM range of manual hydraulic jacks and the TB Toe Jack series.

The new range of hydraulic jacks includes industry-standard features such as safety values for overload protection, resistance to extreme temperatures and removable pump levels.

The hydraulic jacks can be paired with Pallet Trucks UK’s moving skates, which can be placed under a heavy load once it’s been lifted. The load is then lowered down onto the skates for easy transportation.

To find out more about Pallet Trucks UK and to browse the range, visit or call 0845 519 2700.