Pallet Trucks UK recommend fire testing be carried out regularly

Pallet Trucks UK recommend fire testing be carried out regularly

With a fire striking a huge warehouse in Bradford causing 15 crews to battle the blaze, Pallet Trucks UK has called for warehouse owners and managers to carry out regular fire safety tests to ensure their premises meet safety standards.

“Not only did the fire crews have to fight the flames till dawn, they were also attempting to stop the surrounding areas from catching fire too. It’s a good chance to remind all warehouse owners that fire safety is crucial, especially in the warmer months where things are drier,” said Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK.

As one of the UK’s leading names in manual handling equipment, Pallet Trucks UK sells analogue and electrical equipment for use in warehouses. Although it’s not yet known how the fire started, Pallet Trucks UK recommends managers, owners and workers all have a responsibility to assess if any equipment is still fit for purpose before using it.

“It can be tempting to use older equipment if something new needs mending,” adds Phil Chesworth. “However, in those cases workers are much better going for something manual instead of electric while the problem is investigated.”

Fire safety checks are mandated by the government for all kinds of businesses, and fire fighting equipment should also be present. Regular fire checks combine working with fire alarm systems as well making sure emergency lighting is working and any faults are recorded and reported. Fire drills are also important so workers are not hurt leaving the building in case of a real fire.

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