Pallet Trucks UK urge warehouse operators to beef up security

Pallet Trucks UK urge warehouse operators to beef up security

In light of recent events including a Kent warehouse being used for an illegal rave, Pallet Trucks UK, one of the UK’s leading names in manual handling equipment, has warned warehouse operatives to keep an eye on their security.

“Warehouses are big buildings, and with wide open spaces and equipment that can lift people high in the air, they can seem perfect for partiers,” said Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK. “However, these raves are illegal, and unlicensed use of warehouse equipment can be dangerous.”

Illegal raves can often be a headache for warehouse owners, who are frequently left with large bills after damage is caused by partiers and who can even have stock and equipment stolen during the party.

Warehouse equipment such as pallet trucks are good value for money for all the work they do but expensive and time-consuming to replace, as warehouse workers often rely on the exact number of pallet trucks within a warehouse fleet for their work.

Pallet Trucks UK recommend having secure lock-ups for expensive warehouse equipment such as electric static lift tables, and improving security on warehouse entrances, as well as installing and using decent intruder alarms and sensor-based spotlights.

“Unfortunately, warehouses will always be attractive spots to hold illegal parties,” added Phil Chesworth. “But warehouse owners and workers can make them much less inviting by adding in tough security to get past and making sure that any equipment that could be stolen or damaged is locked away.”

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