Pallet Trucks UK urges businesses to go galvanised as savage arctic weather storms towards Britain

Pallet Trucks UK urges businesses to go galvanised as savage arctic weather storms towards Britain

In light of horrifying weather forecasts showing that the UK is set to be engulfed by multiple blizzards, freezing fogs and lethal ice sheets, Pallet Trucks UK has urged businesses to ensure the safety of their workers by using galvanized steel pallet trucks.

Galvanised and stainless-steel pallet trucks are much safer for outdoor workers due to their advanced atomic formation, making them resistant to the severe snow, frost, rain and wind that is set to batter Britain in the coming weeks.

Phil Chesworth, Pallet Trucks UK Managing Director, said: “These weather forecasts make for some truly worrying reading; blizzards, ice and snow of these levels will make outdoor work extremely hazardous during the upcoming winter period.

“Workers using regular pallet trucks to move heavy loads outside will be at increased risk of their truck snapping due to rust, which of course can create potentially life-threating accidents considering pallet trucks are used to carry loads weighing thousands of kilograms.”

Galvanized steel pallet trucks have a different atomic make-up to regular trucks that makes them invincible to rust. A special zinc coating is applied to the exterior of the truck, creating a resistant barrier that prevents the steel being eaten away by extreme weather.

Pallet trucks made of stainless steel are also resistant to the elements due to them containing chromium, an element which reacts with air and water to form an outer shield which protects the metal from being corroded.

Phil added: “It’s imperative that when these brutal weather conditions hit the UK managers equip their workers with galvanized and stainless-steel pallet trucks to keep them safe over the Christmas period.”

Many workers in Britain use pallet trucks outdoors as part of their job roles, with dock workers, food manufacturing professionals and construction workers often having to move heavy loads outside on a daily basis.

As well as being ideal for outdoor use, galvanised and stainless-steel pallet trucks are also useful for pharmaceutical environments, fisheries and food factories due to their heightened resistance to acidic and corrosive materials.

Pallet Trucks UK stocks a wide range of galvanized and stainless steel products ideal for use in extreme weather, including hand pallet trucks with a huge weight capacity of 2000kg and wide galvanised trucks capable of moving larger-than-average pallets.

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