PalletTrucksUK Offers Businesses Advice for Choosing the Right Pallet Truck

PalletTrucksUK Offers Businesses Advice for Choosing the Right Pallet Truck

The world of pallet trucks can seem confusing – but with PalletTrucksUK, it doesn’t have to be. The experts in all things materials handling has offered business leaders and managers advice on choosing the correct pallet truck to suit their needs.


With so many options available, it’s all about planning ahead – according to the experts. Thinking about what companies will need not just in the immediate, but the future, will ensure they choose the ideal pallet truck for them. Whether it be plans to expand, increase their offering, or indeed change direction, looking to the future will ensure the pallet truck/s they choose will serve them well for years to come.

When it comes to picking the correct model for the job in hand however, it can be more complex. Regular hand pallet trucks are the most universal model and can aid with moving items swiftly from one point to another. A staple in workplaces all over the world, they make light work of manoeuvring heavy and large objects.

Wide hand pallet trucks on the other hand may look just like traditional pallet trucks, but they provide much more stability for larger items. Designed with larger pallets in mind, they are tough and robust for workplaces that handle large items.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of PalletTrucksUK, said, “There’s a common misconception that pallet trucks are all the same, but this is simply not the case. Pallet trucks are designed to make life infinitely easier, and with that comes options in order to meet unique requirements. It really is all about being armed with knowledge.”

Heavy duty hand pallet trucks are another variant. Designed for heavy items, they are smooth and quiet, ensuring items are stable at all times – and of course are able to be moved with ease.

Long pallet trucks are not as common as the above, but are often missed by those companies who don’t invest in one. Longer than traditional pallet trucks, they make it easy to move long items, such as leisure equipment and other machinery – without fear of damage or injury.

Other models include, mini pallet trucks, pallet trucks with a brake, and easy roller pallet trucks. “All coming with their own unique benefits, it really is down to leaders to think about that they need, why, and of course when, to ensure they are prepared,” added Phil.

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