Parents Handed Invaluable App to Motivate Children as the Summer Holidays Approach

Parents Handed Invaluable App to Motivate Children as the Summer Holidays Approach

Parents that have struggled to get their kids to complete chores, do homework or simply try something different have a new, innovative app at their disposal. RewardsWide makes it simple to set tasks and deadlines with customisable rewards to provide the inspiration children need to tick off items on their to-do list, and it’s launching in time for the summer holidays.

The intuitive app is effortless for parents and children alike. The bold colours and simple interface means it’ll quickly become an app that’s used daily by all family members. Parents can assign tasks, set challenges, create rewards and even add completion markers for their kids to work through, whether it’s washing the dishes after dinner or helping keep a younger sibling entertained. Kids, on the other hand, can use the app to clearly see what they need to do and how many points they need to accumulate before they receive a reward via its colourful points bank graph.

The flexible points system used in the RewardsWide app provides parents with a simple way to keep track of how their children are progressing and which rewards are motivating them. For example, they’ll be able to identify if their child tends to opt for smaller, quick treats, such as an ice-cream, or saves up their points for a trip out to their favourite attraction or a longer-term goal of a game console. The experts at RewardsWide even offer articles and tips in children and motivation mechanics on their blog to help parents get the most out of the platform.

Cormac Kelly, CEO of BiggerWide Ltd, developers of RewardsWide, said, “Keeping children motivated can be a challenge at any time of the year but the summer holidays can be especially tiring for parents. RewardsWide gives them the motivational tool to get the kids up and ready to check out their to-do lists, whether families are at home, out or on holiday. It’s the ultimate tool for encouraging the types of positive behaviour that parents want to see more of.

“Using the RewardsWide app now sets families up for a more productive school year in September and beyond. The capability to adjust both task and reward aspects of the app means it can easily incorporate school work, extra-curricular activities and much more. The customisable options mean the app effortlessly adapts to suit each family.”

The RewardsWide platform is available to use on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with account setup taking just minutes. Users can also benefit from a library of assignments and reward ideas to get started and act as inspiration.

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The RewardsWide app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play for free.


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