Pario Ventures launches endInSight to help longer term founders and shareholders exit

Pario Ventures launches endInSight to help longer term founders and shareholders exit

Investment vehicle Pario Ventures based in Brussels, London and New York has launched a new product designed to open up exit opportunities for companies and  investors.

The new product called endInSight is focused on companies that have been trading a number of years and have a solid foundation but the shareholders and founders may be looking for exit routes.

David Murray-Hundley , co-founder of Pario Ventures , said: “Everyone assumes sometimes that companies have to be SEIS/EIS in order to be interesting. The reality is that there are far more companies out there that have traded for 10,20 years and due to retirement , change in life the founders and shareholders are looking for an exit.”

“Pario already holds investments in a number of companies that have been trading for 10 years and this feels like a natural product for us at Pario to focus on”.

“Our offering not only allows businesses to secure funding opportunities but also brings in expertise for positioning a trade sale or major release of equity capital. Companies that are pre revenue and value themselves at the Euro lottery figure for this week are not our target market. There are some good businesses out there that have traded for 10-20 years and have solid foundations and missing getting a good value on return”

David Murray-Hundley also said “ This is quite a personal thing for me. Kevin was my first boss at Chase Manhattan  back when I was 21 and in New York. He then became a mentor through my rock and roll years and obviously now is a good friend. This is most likely his last business he will do, so it feels right for us to help others in the same way. Between us we have quite the track record both good and bad”

Pario Ventures is owned by Kevin Doyle and David Murray-Hundley, a partnership that goes back to the pre Dotcom era. Between them both they have been involved with NASDAQ IPO’s, AIM listings, multiple raises, US trade sales  and have a portfolio of investments across Oil and Gas, Space expedition, Sustainability, Automotive, Technology, Bars, Restaurants and Fintech.