Parkinson’s Sufferers Offer Tips for Those Struggling with Symptoms

Parkinson’s Sufferers Offer Tips for Those Struggling with Symptoms

Despite Parkinson’s Disease affecting around 1 million people in the US alone, the degenerative disease can be difficult to live with. We Have Parkinson’s, one of the growing support and research groups in the US dedicated to helping those live with the disease, has offered those who may feel isolated and struggling with daily tasks tips for living with their illness.


The first port of call for sufferers is to ask for help. Many feel that seeking  help is a sign of weakness, but as Parkinson’s becomes more well-known, many individuals are much more informed and educated on the topic, meaning they’re often more sympathetic to those suffering.


Speaking about the illness, Jon Sherman, CEO, from We Have Parkinson’s, said, “Not long ago, not an awful lot was known about Parkinson’s, but as treatments have developed, and more people with Parkinson’s have spoken about their experiences, there is a growing awareness of the disease. As a result, friends, family and colleagues increasingly will know how to help those struggling. Therefore, anyone who may be struggling with new symptoms, or those whose quality of life is gradually deteriorating, will often find that asking loved ones – and even strangers – for help can be a huge support.”


The next tip from the experts is to read up about the disease and invest in small gadgets that can make a big difference. Using a phone, a remote control, and even a keyboard can become increasingly difficult, but by researching and investing in specialist alternatives, such as phones, remote controls, and keyboards with large buttons, or even voice activated ones, can be incredibly freeing and much more convenient.


The last tip from the group is to not be afraid to look at alternative treatments. “Not every treatment will work for every person,” added Mark Beatty. “If you find something isn’t making a difference, or isn’t suiting you, it’s time to look at alternatives. There are lots of treatments available nowadays to ease symptoms, so it pays to do your homework.”


Restore Gold capsules, developed by We Have Parkinson’s, contain seven key ingredients that have helped to ease the symptoms of those with Parkinson’s in 80% of cases, based on customer feedback. Manufactured with FDA GMP manufacturing practices, the capsules have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who have tried it.


We Have Parkinson’s is made up of Parkinson’s Disease sufferers. Having come together just three years ago, the team aims to help make life that little bit easier for fellow sufferers by opening up their world – while potentially helping to improve quality of life with their innovative Restore Gold capsules.


To find out more about We Have Parkinson’s, and read the reviews of Restore Gold, the group’s innovative product that has been easing Parkinson’s symptoms, visit the website: