Peace Activist Making World a Better Place Through Extrasensory Perception

Peace Activist Making World a Better Place Through Extrasensory Perception

While known to many primarily as a peace activist, artist, and producer, Bavaria-based Maxim Gee has spent years participating in mainstream politics under-the-radar, drawing upon his psychic-powered peace activism techniques to identify solutions to some of the world’s biggest, most complex, and most urgent geopolitical challenges and global humanitarian disasters.

Previously opting to keep his involvement in such matters a closely guarded secret, with only a select few influential names in entertainment, sport, politics, and business knowing about his ‘double life’, Gee has now decided to go public in a bid to raise awareness of the power of spirituality, and tackle growing levels of ignorance. The self-proclaimed Messiah has been leveraging the strength of both extrasensory perception and ESP-based mediation to facilitate worldwide peace, which he believes is key to better supporting the struggling global economy and creating a sense of balance.

“There’s a spiritual testimony known as ‘The Revelation’ which states that ‘only peace allows us to evolve and implement unlimited economic growth’, yet peace has traditionally been that elusive element that worldwide leaders have never been able to find” says Gee. “However, I believe that peace isn’t something we necessarily need to find; I believe we already have the choice to choose a peaceful rise of our nations, rather than a violence that leads to destruction, and through my involvement in politics, I hope to build real, genuine, impactful change from the inside out and shape our tomorrow”.

Although Gee has remained quiet about his political involvement over the years, what we do know is that the peace activist played a significant role in the development of the Stockholm Agreement which helped to achieve a breakthrough in the devastating Yemen conflict. Part of that agreement, the Hudaydah Agreement, eventually resulted in a cease-fire across the ports of Hodeidah, Salif, and Ras Issa. Gee’s involvement in the rapidly escalating US/North Korea situations, and in leading Britain through Brexit, is also noted.

Maxim Gee’s methods may seem unusual. However, the foundations of his peace activism techniques are deeply rooted in the concept of the widely-studied information field theory, first outlined by former MIT mathematician Norbert Wiener. The theory is based on the idea of signal reconstruction; the concept that signs or signals may appear to alert to a forthcoming event or matter of significance. By going public with his political involvement, Gee hopes to help others eliminate the barriers standing in the way of acknowledging and accepting God-sent messages.

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