Peer-to-Peer Property Platform Sets Sights on Global Expansion

Peer-to-Peer Property Platform Sets Sights on Global Expansion

Following a hugely successful UK pilot scheme, the world’s first peer-to-peer property platform which offers its users crypto rewards is setting its sights on global expansion, beginning in the USA. London-based Igniv, a free app that connects buyers and sellers directly without the need for costly real estate agent or broker services, is seeking further funding to facilitate rollout of the platform in the United States by 2022.

Described as ‘the social media profile for your home’, the Igniv pilot scheme generated an impressive $400,000 in revenue during its first three months, with unprecedented levels of demand from buyers and sellers. The app enables anyone with a smartphone or tablet to list their property for free – something it hopes its users will embrace to build the world’s biggest property database.

Igniv not only eradicates standard real estate agent fees – usually between 1% and 3% of the final sale price – but also removes additional costs for services like photos, videos, and floorplans which can all be added to an Igniv listing completely free of charge. Igniv properties can be listed within the app, as well as on popular listing sites.

“Igniv is a game changer; a true disrupter that is sparking the next generation of property transactions,” says Jon Maitliss, Vice President of Igniv investment company Hanover Capital LLC. “We were early investors in Facebook and AirBnB because we knew that platform businesses would dominate the world, and we see a lot of the same characteristics of these successful companies in Igniv, which is gaining rapid momentum as buyers and sellers look to save.”

While free-to-use platforms are now the norm across many industries – accommodation has AirBnB and local travel has Uber, for example – the property sector has been slow to embrace innovation. Today, many buyers and sellers still automatically rely on real estate agents to support their property ventures, unaware that alternative options are available. Igniv aims to change this with its planned global expansion, making it easier than ever for savvy homeowners to market and sell their home without a ‘middleman’.

Along with listing properties for free, users can also access the extensive Igniv network of mortgage brokers, insurers, attorneys, and removal firms, grabbing exclusive deals and discounts to make moving home more affordable than ever. The app also provides users with a unique opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards, in the form of the IGI ERC-20 token, for completing tasks using the platform (such as adding photos) or for referring friends.

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