Perfect Secret Santa Gift, The ‘Hand Wobbler’, Launched By Serial Inventor, Seeks Crowdfunding Support

Perfect Secret Santa Gift, The ‘Hand Wobbler’, Launched By Serial Inventor, Seeks Crowdfunding Support

Searching for Secret Santa gifts and fun, novelty stocking fillers is a challenge for shoppers up and down the country. But now serial inventor and entrepreneur Shed Simove is bringing his lively brand of creativity and entertainment to the gift market just in time for Christmas with the launch of the cheeky Hand Wobbler, a humorous wobbling hand doing the famous wanker sign.

Ideal for sticking on car windows, desktops, shelves, or the fridge, the Hand Wobbler will brighten up the days of whoever receives the gift. Those eager to give the gift of the Hand Wobbler or even treat themselves as the winter season looms can back Simove’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to be among the first to receive the original novelty item at a discounted price. The Hand Wobbler consists of a durable PVC hand and spring-sucker mechanism that attaches to any smooth surface, and provides fun or vents frustration with just a flick of the hand.

Simove, Product Designer and Motivational Speaker, said, “There’s something quintessentially British and delightfully cheeky about this gesture and I’m thrilled at how the Hand Wobbler has turned out. Whether you’d adore having this yourself or know someone who’d appreciate this fabulous wobbling hand, then you or they will enjoy minutes of pleasure from this original and fun novelty gift.”

The idea behind the unique Secret Santa gift was inspired by the famous football chant ‘The referee’s a wanker!’. With his inventive background, Simove, who is also the brains behind kitchen utensil ‘Count Spatula’ and shower accessory ‘Martin Loofah King’, set about making a product that would bring laughter. Simove even has other wobblers in mind with plans to create an entire range of wobbling items. For now, the Hand Wobbler gives office workers doing a Secret Santa in their office a novel, light hearted way of giving the wanker gesture this Christmas.

The Hand Wobbler Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise £1,000 and those that back the fun project first can receive their very own Hand Wobbler for just £6.

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