Personalised gifts company offer phone and postal ordering service to guarantee inclusion for everyone

Personalised gifts company offer phone and postal ordering service to guarantee inclusion for everyone

Wiltshire-based personalized gift and wall art company, Memoryprints4u now offers a telephone and postal ordering service for those that either do not have access to, or do not feel confident in ordering products from the internet.

The idea behind this offline service is that customers such as the elderly may want to purchase personalised gifts like calendars, mugs and T-shirts for family and friends, but are not able to due to lack of internet access or limited computer skills.

Product designer Abigail Davey said “We’ve had so many enquiries for people wanting to purchase personalised gifts but couldn’t because they didn’t know how to use online services and don’t like having to keep asking busy family and friends for help

“It was also clear that many of our potential customers wanted to speak to a real person before placing an order or were wary of entering their payment details online.”

With this in mind, the decision was made to offer an offline service (with online ordering also available) where customers of all ages and abilities could call the business and discuss their needs with a friendly and professional member of the team rather than struggling with technology.

Now, customers can discuss the companies’ vast product range on the phone, receive details of personalised gifts via post and mail images and cheques for the company to use when creating the gift selected.

Whether it’s a gift for a new grandchild or something personalised to mark a special birthday for a friend, anyone can use the companies’ services with ease.

“Our aim is to ensure that all of our services are 100% inclusive and can be enjoyed by everyone – not just those that are confident placing orders and uploading images online,” continued Abigail.

“We’re sure that our offline service will prove to be really popular and are looking forward to helping our customers via phone and post.”

Memoryprints4u also offers an online ordering service for anyone who wishes to place an order for personalised mugs, coaster, glass chopping boards, mirror or glasses cases plus a vast array of other quality items online.  Visit for more information.