Personalised Printable Spelling Tool Helps Kids ‘Write My Name’

Personalised Printable Spelling Tool Helps Kids ‘Write My Name’

Write My Name is helping kids master the art of spelling and writing at an early age, starting with their most familiar word. By inputting their name online and uploading a photograph of their child, a personalised 27 page workbook is instantly created. Filled with helpful guides and patterns to teach kids to write their own name at different stages of learning, this printable, reusable literacy tool is perfect for fine-tuning motor skills and enlisting kids with confidence.

This unique spelling workbook focusses on children’s names as a starting point in order to leverage the natural curiosity that occurs around their name-sake letters. While other resources offer forename spelling features, the online, personalised aspect of Write My Name makes it stand out. Unique spellings of traditional names are covered as well as less conventional monikers. This makes it the perfect learning tool for every pre-school child.

Natasha Mockett, Founder of Write My Name commented, “By encouraging kids to write their name at an early age, before school even begins, you are empowering them and preparing them for a confident future. As a mother of two, I’m constantly searching out for the best resources to give my kids the best start in life, yet found nothing suitable. That’s why I set out to create the perfect, personalised spelling workbook. Reece Witherspoon recently mentioned the trouble that her four year old son, Tennessee, had with spelling his name – if only she had my book! No matter how unique each child’s name is, they can instantly have a downloadable, printable and reusable booklet to use as a guide, making the learning process much simpler.

“What’s more, these paper books are wonderful keepsakes for proud parents, recording their child’s achievements and development journey.”

Write My Name launches to the public in April however, it is already receiving rave reviews from mothers and education professionals alike.

Mother and Teacher, Loretta Clarke said, “Wow! This looks like an amazing tool to use and being a teacher I only know too well how important it is for children to be able to write their name confidently when they start school ”

Fellow mum, Jaime Dee agreed, “This sounds great! It would be perfect for my pre-schooler.”

After trialling the book, Mother and Teacher Natalie Barker concluded, “I am a little dubious about purchasing workbooks as we have an annual subscription for all aspects of education due to being home educators. When Write My Name was mentioned to me I looked into it further as this was something different – a workbook which was personalised to my own child with a photo and her name. I printed it out and the quality was good, not only do they learn formation of their own name but alphabet letters are grouped up to assist with all letter formations, I have also laminated some of the sheets so she can use a dry marker to practice and then rub away! “

The workbook will be launched on 18 April, operating a ‘pay what you want’ basis for a limited time, enabling parents to express how much it is worth to them, and the children that use it.

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