Phase One Drone Replaces Security Guards

Phase One Drone Replaces Security Guards

Traditional site security is facing a fully-fledged revolution, thanks to widespread improvement in drone technology. And after investing £1m in the development of its fleet over the past two years, Phase One Security System is primed and ready to lead from the front.

Transferring responsibility from the individual to dependable, well-tuned sensor tech – and at a fraction of the running cost – Phase One drones are set to transform the field of site security with a new generation tech approach. The pioneering solution means drones can patrol in sync with a schedule or at random, and can scan for movement, unusual activity and heat sources with unbelievable accuracy.

Phase One drones utilise mobile technology to communicate with a monitored control room that keeps tabs on several sites simultaneously, offering efficiency gains over more traditional site security solutions. In the event of suspect activity being logged, a security patrol is dispatched to investigate, and the relevant emergency services are contacted.

The accuracy and reliability of the Phase One system comes courtesy of each drone’s 1080p hi-definition recording capability. Moreover, all footage is transmitted wirelessly back to control and stored securely for future reference.

This comprehensive system means Phase One can provide something that traditional security sometimes simply cannot: irrefutable evidence. To this end, footage logged by their drones has already been used in court cases throughout the country.

A spokesperson of Phase One clarified the power of their system saying, “Now that technology is in place allowing us to monitor things with near-perfect accuracy, from a safe distance, and with far less expense than traditional methods, there’s little standing in the way folr the thousands of businesses looking to make this transition. Put simply, our drones offer security that’s ten times more effective than manned guarding, but available at a fraction of the cost.”

And the incentives don’t stop there. Once contracted, Phase One can dispatch a functioning fleet to any site in England within 24 hours – giving them the edge in the set-up department, too.

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