What do Philip’s huge LED lightbulbs tell us about the future of home lighting?

What do Philip’s huge LED lightbulbs tell us about the future of home lighting?

As lighting brand Philips gears up to introduce a new range of vintage-style LED light bulbs to the market, it seems that brands across the board are going crazy for this new style of home lighting.

Philips are leaders in the lighting industry and are planning to release two lines under the new branding “Philips Deco”. Both lines will feature gigantic-sized, vintage-style LED bulbs.

All of the bulbs have a single fake-filament of LED light which is surrounded by smoky glass and comes with its own cord. Those with a knack for trendy lighting will then be able to suspend them from kitchen ceilings or transform them into makeshift reading lamps.

It seems that other household names in lighting aren’t immune to this new trend either, with the likes of Feit and GE also offering up their own versions of vintage lighting that is sure to remind customers of years gone by.

Steven Ellwood, managing director at BLT direct said: “The lighting industry has taken a fashionable turn as of late, with many brands taking inspiration from old-fashioned trends and injecting a spot of nostalgia into their latest offerings.

“It’s also promising to see that most brands have now made the switch to LED lighting, which allows homeowners to benefit from an energy-efficient, cost-saving light source.

“These vintage-style, large lightbulbs look great in any room of the house and are also well-suited to a number of commercial environments, including trendy bars and restaurants.”

The Philips Deco range will be launching first in the US later this year and will feature eye-catching filaments at a warm, orange-toned color temperature of around 2,000 K.

BLT stock their own range of Pendant Lighting that come a variety of styles and colours, perfect for those keen to recreate this trend in their own homes.

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