Phillie Phanatic Headband’s Popularity Soars as it Features on Mural of Philadelphia Phillies Player

Phillie Phanatic Headband’s Popularity Soars as it Features on Mural of Philadelphia Phillies Player

A headband inspired by the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team’s official mascot, Phillie Phanatic, has become a rallying call for fans across the city as the Phillies continue to compete in the World Series. It’s even featured in a mural dedicated to Bryce Harper – worn proudly on his head.

Phillie Phanatic had his debut in 1978 as the Philadelphia Phillies’ new mascot and was immediately a success, going on to be voted ‘best mascot’ by Sports Illustrated Kids as well as Forbes magazine. The headband to his likeness was created by Vertical Athletics, a leader in sportswear products, in June 2019; a month later it was made famous when it was revealed on Harper’s head as his helmet flew off while rounding first base for a game-tying double hit.

Renee Krieg, owner of Vertical Athletics, said, “Seeing the headband on Harper’s head when he hit the bag safe on that game-tying double was so exciting! Fans went crazy and the stadium sold out that day. We continued to make and ship over 30,000 headbands to the stadium store in the following 60 days. It is now incredibly popular again as the Phillies fight their way in the World Series. Having it featured in a mural celebrating a world-class player is an absolute honor!”

It’s not just the Phillies Phanatic print that makes this headband so sought after: made from patented recycled cooling fabric, it is so light and comfortable you hardly feel it when wearing it. It cools up to 30 degrees below skin temperature when wet.

With UPF 50+ for ultimate sun protection, the headband’s cutting-edge fabric technology keeps wearers cool on the hottest of days and during the hardest of workouts – up to and including a World Series baseball game!

Water and air flow activates the band’s patented hyper-evaporative cooling feature, making it as suitable for athletes as for fans of the Great Outdoors.

Proudly made in the USA, the one size fits all design can be machine washed for complete convenience.

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