Phrases.for.Sale Blends Traditional Search Methods with New Way of Working

Phrases.for.Sale Blends Traditional Search Methods with New Way of Working

In a world where the internet is the first port of call for people looking to purchase gifts, get recipe inspiration, and discover the latest thing to go viral, competition to draw people to websites is fierce. But there is a new simple way to draw traffic to websites.

Phrases.for.Sale is the innovative platform that makes it easy to grab the attention of the general public and drive traffic to websites, blogs, and auction sites. Created by Names.of.London, one of the leading suppliers of new-GTLDs solutions with SEO in-mind, Phrases.for.Sale removes digital barriers by making it easy to create an online presence in an increasingly digital world.

Compatible with all browsers, the system creates clickable links that read like natural language. Perfect for use on social media and for putting in fliers, posters, and for announcing on the radio, the platform is simplifying and redefining internet marketing.

James Stevens, CEO of Phrases.for.Sale, said, “It’s always baffled me why GTLDs have been so complicated. After all, if people can say something, they remember it. Traditional URLs are far too complicated – even remembering whether it’s .com or  can cause issues. And that’s where Phrases.for.Sale comes in. We want to make it easier for businesses to attract internet users, and for internet users to find what they’re looking for.”

Acting like a web-shortener, the phrases direct internet users to existing web content or a specific website relating to the phrase. And although their simplicity makes them the perfect social media companion, their readability means they can adorn physical material, such as posters and adverts, and bridge the gap between the real-world and online content with a short, snappy, and memorable phrase.

Proving to be extremely popular with commercial businesses, phrases such as,, and, have all attracted attention from those keen to snap up these phrases while they can, and make these phrases work for them. Likewise, phrases including,, and, are all great for attracting attention from prospective customers and visitors, while also dropping in a keyword or two.

Those interested in the phrases simply pay one, sole fee. No PPC or commission – just a transparent fee that does exactly what it says.

As a start-up, the company has an exceptional choice of names available. So those interested are advised to act now to ensure they get their desired phrase, and begin driving traffic to their website.

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