Pioneering Mum Launches Sustainable Skin-Friendly Baby Clothes Range

Pioneering Mum Launches Sustainable Skin-Friendly Baby Clothes Range

When new young mum Diana Rzayeva found it difficult to find comfortable clothes for her son at the right price, she didn’t wait around for someone else to solve her problems. She set up a business. The result is a new online shop – TwinkleBoo – which specialises in newborn and baby clothes in 100% natural cotton and modal. Modal is an eco-friendly fibre spun from beech tree cellulose. Its production uses farmland more efficiently than cotton and needs 10-20 times less water too.

Diana commented “When I was pregnant and started to search for baby clothes, I was surprised it seemed difficult to find breathable natural alternatives to viscose and polyester in the UK. Making healthy and sustainable choices felt a very expensive way forward with prices sky-rocketing. There seemed nothing high-quality or environmentally friendly for normal mums like me.”

The search was more challenging because Diana’s son arrived with sensitive skin. As a result, she has ensured two particular types of baby clothes feature in TwinkleBoo’s online store. Clothes in openwork fabric let babies’ skin breathe and thermo-regulate. Outfits with outward-facing seams prevent rubbing, chafing and soreness.

Diana continues “Openwork describes material with microdot holes that help regulate a baby’s skin and prevent prickly heat. Outward-facing seams are an important way to keep babies cool and comfortable too. When little ones cry, it can be difficult to know why. So as a mum, it’s a relief to know at least their clothes aren’t the problem. It saves so much heartache and stress.”

TwinkleBoo’s range owes its existence to Diana’s commitment to making affordable, breathable and comfortable baby outfits available without compromising her green credentials.

Diana is available for an interview. Additional photos are available on request.

TwinkleBoo launched March 6th 2023.

Influencer & Publication Offer

We are offering influencers and publications samples up to a value of £40 for review posts, blogs and unboxing reels. We can provide unique 15% discount codes for followers with 5% commission referrers.

With average orders expected of over £25, this could provide welcome additional revenue. Loyal customers are rewarded through the store’s unique ‘Baby Pennies’ points scheme through which further discounts can also be earned.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss alternative commercial arrangements and exclusive arrangements.

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