PipeDreemz Cements Position at Head of Cannabis Consulting Industry with Sale of Advanced Facility to Aurora

PipeDreemz Cements Position at Head of Cannabis Consulting Industry with Sale of Advanced Facility to Aurora

PipeDreemz Inc., the leading marijuana consultancy business in Canada’s thriving legal cannabis industry, has further cemented its position as an expert in the cannabis field following the sale of a PipeDreemz designed state-of-the-art, 49,000 square foot cannabis production facility to Aurora. H2 Biopharma retained PipeDreemz for start to finish services including design and oversight on construction of the facility, located in Lachute, Quebec.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. acquired the PipeDreemz designed facility from H2 Biopharma earlier this month, providing them with a fourth facility in Canada and their second in Quebec. As PipeDreemz adds this newest project to its burgeoning portfolio of facilities constructed and sold, it further highlights how the PipeDreemz team of experts continues to deliver excellence in the cannabis market.

George E Routhier III, CEO of PipeDreemz Inc, said, “The fact that Aurora has bought a PipeDreemz-designed facility is further proof that the experienced team we’ve built is the best in the field. We understand this sector and how to deliver the best results for the forward-thinking businesses that we work with.”

The cannabis market in Canada has been booming of late – Bill C-54 is currently moving through the House of Commons to legalize recreational marijuana , a move which will further expand the market for cannabis. The exceptional potential for growth makes PipeDreemz’s ability to not only submit winning applications, but also design the infrastructure necessary for substantial production of quality cannabis even more in demand.

PipeDreemz has built a stellar reputation as “Canada’s Marijuana Consultants”. The firm’s deep understanding of all aspects of the legal cannabis market sets it apart from rivals, helping clients to secure their licensed producer dreams.

The PipeDreemz Team holds advanced degrees in science, engineering, business, agriculture, horticulture and plant sciences.

PipeDreemz currently has 23 highly advanced facilities under construction across Canada, providing legal cannabis businesses with the technology, infrastructure, and expertise they need to grow capacity and maintain high quality throughout production.

To find out more visit: pipedreemz.org or view high-res images at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/za71go0d70bzzr9/AAAtAmU4zkWvWhi2qgd22E_na?dl=0