Plenty of Drama in Lockdown

Plenty of Drama in Lockdown

Part time Drama and Performing Arts schools all over the UK have rallied to bring children online lessons for the summer term.

Many schools opting to keep their virtual doors open, means that children can access classes wherever they are in the country.

This could be a big advantage to children living in the more remote areas of the UK, who might not have been able to regularly go to classes due to distance. Lynn, who runs,  commented that, ‘I am delighted that I am able to include my grandchild in my weekly lessons which is something that was not possible before, as she lives over 200 miles away’.

The current crisis has prompted a lot of people to think how they can continue to deliver their services to the community. It is quite likely that some of us would never have ventured into the world of online teaching.

Teaching online is a learning curve for both the teacher and the student and it may not be for everyone, but is working hard to support Performing Arts schools all over the country.

Some challenges of teaching online include keeping students safe, ensuring everyone stays engaged in the lesson, and working in the confines of a camera lens. It requires a significant amount of planning on the teacher’s side and a small dose of self discipline from the students. Interacting is different, as friends don’t get the same social buzz that they might experience in their usual class, but just seeing their friends and other children their age is a real tonic in these challenging times. More advice and ideas can be found on was established in 2007 and is the only online directory in the UK entirely dedicated to performing arts schools. The site is currently working hard to update, so it is clear where the online classes are available. The site also has valuable resources for students, children, parents and teachers, which are all free to access.

To find an online drama classes please visit or get in touch either by email or by phone; Lynn is always happy to chat with students or teachers who are looking for support.

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