Pocket Friendly Professional Cakes for £10

Pocket Friendly Professional Cakes for £10

Luxury bakery shows how to make your own professional-looking cake for just £10 WITHOUT an oven.

With costs of living sky-rocketing, families are actively looking at ways to minimise their outgoings and expenses. Professional baker, Reshmi Bennett, has recognised this need and launched her clever recipe blog series – Fake Bakes – where she shows her fans and followers how to make stunning cakes on a stringent budget of just £10.

Reshmi, founder of London’s luxury cake company Anges de Sucre, commented that: “Despite having to make compromises in these tough times, any parent would want to present a showstopping birthday cake for their loved one. With bespoke cakes costing upwards of £80, more and more families are having to cut back and resort to supermarket options, or home-baking. My Fake Bake series shows families how to use readily available supermarket bargains and turn them into stunning centrepieces with just a tenner.”

Reshmi’s Fake Bake series has a loyal and growing audience who tune in every week to her TikTok and Instagram accounts for her tutorials on supermarket cake ‘glow ups’. She achieves her unbelievable results by taking advantage of supermarket deals and own-brand dupes. With the help of her young son, she shows how to transform a basic Tesco Victoria sponge into a luxurious Strawberries & Cream cake, and a cut-priced Aldi chocolate cake into a sumptuous, and hilariously titled Kinder Swindler cake. What’s more, she does this all without using an oven or fancy equipment and limits herself to just one shop.

Some of Reshmi’s ingenious hacks include making a glossy chocolate drip using cheap chocolate bars and water in lieu of cream or butter, and warming up cheaper crunchy peanut butter to sieve into a smooth sauce.

Reshmi explains: “What started as just a little fun hobby for me with my toddler has now had a ripple effect with my followers who have been creating their own versions. Cake decorating is such a fun and wholesome pass-time, it’s nice to see that it can be accessible to all. And you don’t even have to be a confident baker to do it!”

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