Pomegranate Essence by Secret Gardens Celebrates Organic Certification

Pomegranate Essence by Secret Gardens Celebrates Organic Certification

Foodies who like their dressings and marinades packed with flavour and made from healthy ingredients can now add a natural taste of Turkey to their dishes. Pomegranate Essence, the delicious dressing and marinade, has now received a 100% organic certification.

Stocked in all major retailers like, Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods, the tangy, tasty Pomegranate Essence gives diners an explosion of flavour in the form of a fruity dressing packed with the wholesome goodness of organic pomegranates. Handpicked in Antakya, Turkey, the 100% pure organic pomegranate dressing is also free of artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats.

Pomegranate Essence co-founder Taner Ozsumer said, “We’re delighted to receive organic certification. It further confirms our commitment to responsible production and highlights how nutritious and natural Pomegranate Essence is.”

“We are passionate about making the most of our superb fresh Pomegranates, made to a traditional recipe. Our organic certification underlines our efforts to work harmoniously with nature and bottle only the best goodness, with no nasty additives,” said Tuncay Yildiztas, co-founder.

Perfect as a dressing, marinade, dipping sauce, supplement or ingredient in its own right, Pomegranate Essence is made using a traditional Turkish recipe to extract the maximum in rich, natural flavours from the fragrant, juicy fruits. Six whole organic fruits go into each bottle of the tangy, sweet and sour dressing, creating a delicious liquid that is full of natural flavours and harnesses all of the incredible nutrients and vitamins found in the jewelled red superfood.

Eaten regularly, pomegranate is a powerhouse of wellness and goodness proven to lower cholesterol, help control weight, combat cell damage, decrease the risk of heart disease and even lower the risk of cancer. Free from gluten, wheat, artificial colours, artificial flavours and GM, 100% organic Pomegranate Essence is also suitable for those with special diets and certain food intolerances.

Pomegranate Essence is available from Holland & Barrett and Whole Foods UK and other select retailers. To find out more visit www.discoversecretgardens.com