Pomegranate that packs a punch: The new organic drink offering by all-natural health brand Secret Gardens

Pomegranate that packs a punch: The new organic drink offering by all-natural health brand Secret Gardens

People keen to quench their thirst without compromising on taste or goodness are in for a treat as organic brand Secret Gardens will now be serving up a brand-new drink bursting with delicious organic pomegranate. Made in Turkey, the juice will allow anyone who is conscious of their health the chance to sample some of the finish pomegranates that nature has to offer. Filled with gorgeous fruit handpicked from the Antakya region, these cold-pressed juices are an ideal accompaniment to a well-balanced lunch or dinner or can be used to refuel throughout the day.

The Antakya region is known for its warm climate which is why it can support in the cultivation of some of the sweetest pomegranates ever. Packed full of fresh flavour, these stunning jewel-like fruits are bottled to create Organic Pomegranate Crush, an organic drink that includes the juice of five of these delectable fruits, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to sip on something tasty and benefit from optimised health.

Taner Ozsumer & Tuncay Yildiztas – Joint founding Directors of Secret Gardens says, “Anyone who wants to increase their fruit intake, feel better and still enjoy a delicious beverage need look no further than our Organic Pomegranate Crush. Pomegranate is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet because of its well-known health benefits. We are now combining gorgeous flavour with an all-organic recipe to provide UK customers with a drink they can enjoy at any time of the day and still know they are consuming something that is beneficial to their health.”

Not only is the drink an ideal refresher for foodies and health advocates at any time of the day, it’s all-natural formula means you can get the full benefits of eating tasty fruit in its purest form. With no added sugars or preservatives in the juice, you will be able to sip on this, calm in the knowledge that you are enhancing your health with a nutrient-dense, natural beverage. Promising to quench more than just thirst, the Pomegranate Crush drink will also provide you with 26% of your daily potassium requirements.

As well as being 100% organic, something that many health brands do not offer with their product range, this delightful drink is also not from concentrate and is Halal, Kosher and Fairtrade certified.

The pomegranate fruit is known for being a powerful antioxidant and is making a splash in the health world for the abundance of benefits you can receive by factoring it into your diet. According to Medical News Today, the vitamin c packed fruit has a number of disease preventing qualities and can assist with cancer and heart disease prevention, two of the biggest killers at present.

For more information about this delicious juice drink, visit Secret Garden’s website at: www.discoversecretgardens.com