‘Positive Change Can Be Made In Care Sector If The Right Tools Are Used’, Says UniqueIQ

‘Positive Change Can Be Made In Care Sector If The Right Tools Are Used’, Says UniqueIQ

UniqueIQ, the software development team behind IQ:careplanner, is today enlisting care providers and those working in the sector with confidence with its latest public statement. As a letter from the chairman of the UK Homecare Association to the Prime Minister claimed that the social care system had ‘begun to collapse’, the digital care planning system provider believes that positive changes can be made in the industry, if it adopts the right tools to facilitate them.

Following on from the letter, the BBC has also analysed data from the charity, Skills for Care, finding that the rates of carers leaving their jobs was the equivalent to over 900 resigning every day. It also found that one in every four workers was employed on a zero hour contract, with a median salary of £14,800 a year, compared to the average UK salary of £27,600. In order to help pave the way for better working practices and staff retention rates, UniqueIQ urges more care providers to utilise the innovative, specialist digital technology that is available to them. With this, it is possible to revolutionise care plan creation and the way carers are managed, making positive changes in the sector.

David Lynes, Director of UniqueIQ explained, “Today marks the tipping point that has perhaps been coming for a while in the sector, highlighting the true extent of the workforce problem in care. Although it’s such an emotionally fuelled, dedicated industry it’s no wonder that many compassionate carers are seeing no other option but to leave, feeling unrewarded for their work.

“However, it doesn’t need to stay this way forever and there is still time to reverse this. It is reassuring to see that the government has said it will invest an extra £2bn into social care, but there are still ways to transform operations internally. We created IQ:careplanner to address the specific challenges of the care sector. As a result, we developed a system that can effectively utilise what limited resources a care provider may have, using data and analytics to schedule and monitor staff intelligently. Every working day is transformed, giving employees more time to perform quality care, leave them reassured with their working patterns, ensure they are paid fairly and ultimately, rewarding workers while paving the way for a better care output.”

Back in February, leading CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspector Andrea Sutcliffe encouraged more care providers to adopt innovative digital technology, noting the benefits it could bring to the industry. In light of the recent news, UniqueIQ states that now is the time to be implementing such solutions.

Learn more about the essential care planning system that could help towards making positive changes in the care sector at http://www.uniqueiq.co.uk/