Predator Adventures provides adrenaline-fueled Christmas present with Seabreacher gift cards

Predator Adventures provides adrenaline-fueled Christmas present with Seabreacher gift cards

 Those looking to open an adrenaline-packed present on Christmas morning will now be able to do so thanks to the gift cards Predator Adventures are offering for a ride on their extreme Seabreacher watercrafts.

Gift cards are now available on Predator Adventure’s website that can be reimbursed for a ride on the high-speed jet-powered submersibles, which can reach blistering speeds of 60 mph above water and 40 mph whilst underneath the surface. The gift cards can be reimbursed from 1 February 2018 when the Seabreachers splash into UK waters at the Royal Victoria Dock in London.

Adam Bukauskas, Predator Adventures Managing Director, said: “We’ve just introduced gift cards in a range of fantastic prices and variations available on our website for our Seabreacher watercrafts.

“These are a perfect present for friends or family who’d like to experience a thrill-seeking activity like nothing ever seen before in the UK, guaranteeing a high-octane holiday treat for owners when they cash in on their gift cards next year.”

Gift cards are available on Predator Adventure’s website in both 20-minute and 30-minute experience options. A weekend blast gift card can be used at any time during the weekend for at least 20 minutes of jet powered action for £99.00. A weekday blast gift card can also be purchased for a 20-minute ride anytime during weekdays for £89.99.

Those looking for a longer 30-minute experience can purchase an anytime ultimate thrill gift card for £119.00. An anytime ultimate thrill for two can be bought for £149.99 which gives two thrill seekers an action-packed 30-minute ride one after the other. Both ultimate thrill gift cards can be exchanged at any time during the week, and all Seabreacher rides will take place between the hours of 10am and 6pm Monday to Sunday.

Adam added: “Owners of our gift cards will be able to reimburse them at any time during our opening hours and be able to enjoy the extreme force of our Seabreachers, which are powered by massive 300HP super-charged engines.

In addition to being able to reach extremely high speeds, the aerodynamic design of the Seabreacher vehicles means that drivers can leap out of the water at high speed to heights of 18 feet in the air. Pilots of the unique jet-powered submersibles can also perform an array of tricks including barrel rolls and flips to really get the adrenaline flowing.

The Seabreachers measure 18 feet in length and have a panoramic-view cockpit so that drivers can take in the stunning views as they power through the water. The cockpit can be retracted at anytime when the vehicles are above the surface so pilots can feel the wind against their face, and the Seabreachers come in a variety of mean-looking designs including sharks, killer whales and more.

To guarantee maximum safety during the turbo-charged ride, the Seabreachers are made with inflatable aircraft seals that keeps the cockpit and engine bay water-tight for an extremely safe adrenaline rush. The design of the watercraft also means that the crafts will always remain buoyant and self-right whenever needed.

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