Premier League Football Fans Could Be in For a Shock This Christmas as Cost of Kit Difference is Huge

Premier League Football Fans Could Be in For a Shock This Christmas as Cost of Kit Difference is Huge

This Christmas there could be some disappointed Premier League football fans that were hoping to wake up to their team’s football kit as research from The Soccer Store shows the cost difference between replica football kits is huge. Fans keen to snap up a Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, or Chelsea kit can expect to pay over £100, while other diehard football enthusiasts will be able to pick up their kit at just a fraction of the cost.

A complete kit of shirt, shorts, and socks from Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspurs will set fans back by £105 this Christmas, with the shirts alone costing £60. In comparison fans of Everton and Burnley can pick up their complete kit at little more than the cost of the shirt from the priciest teams.

It’s the same picture when it comes to the kid’s football kits too. Parents of mini football fanatics that are supporters of Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, or Manchester City can expect to fork out upwards of £85 to make their little ones’ dreams come true on Christmas morning. At a little over £50 each for a complete kit, Everton and Burnley come out once again as the cheapest options for parents. Even when looking at socks, the price difference is substantial. Mini footballers dreaming of playing for Everton will have to pay just half of the price of the those that want to pull on the colours of Tottenham, at just £7.50 compared to £15.

Peter Hart, Owner of The Soccer Store, said, “There’s really no justification for the price difference on the replica kits of the England’s top football clubs. The replica shirts and kit are the same quality across the board and some of those leading teams contending for the top spot in the league tables actually have better prices. For adults the price of picking up this season’s shirt ranges from just £37.50 up to £60, and there’s a similar difference across the whole of the kit.

“With many Christmas budgets already under pressure this year, some of football’s most loyal fans could miss out on their team’s kit this season because the price gap is just too large.”

The Soccer Store is one of the UK’s leading providers of football equipment and goals, from children’s leagues right through to professional standard. Aiming to cater to the needs and budgets of all football fans, the business works closely with respected manufacturers to bring customers competitive prices on a range of essential items.

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