Premium wig company Moramode records bumper sales during lockdown

Premium wig company Moramode records bumper sales during lockdown

Moramode, a leading UK supplier of premium natural and synthetic ready to wear wigs, is celebrating record sales as orders surged by over 40% in the past 12 months.

As hairdressers were instructed to shut their doors to clients for a vast majority of the previous year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many women have been turning to alternative solutions to give their tresses a beautiful, well-maintained appearance.

Originally starting life to serve the needs of ladies suffering from hair loss due to medical treatments or naturally thinning hair, Moramode Founder Rebecca Gona suffered from thin hair for many years and struggled to source high-quality wigs to help her feel feminine and confident in her appearance.

Following months of intensive research and meetings with reputable wig manufactures, Rebecca has been able to source an extensive collection of traditional and trending wig styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

Featuring invisible lace inserts that allow the wearer to style their wig in any way they please including high buns and ponytails while giving the appearance of real hair, the Moromode collection of wigs includes rooted ombre wigs, fashionable balayage options and half wigs to thicken up existing hair.

With wigs to suit every budget and accessories including deluxe ponytails and hair extensions, Founder Rebecca has seen a sharp increase in orders for Moramode products as many people seek alternatives to salon visits during the pandemic.

Rebecca said “Not only are Moramode wigs an excellent way of improving the confidence of those with hair loss, but they also offer the ability to change your look in seconds without any damage to your natural hair.

“We’ve noticed that more and more people are tapping into the beautifying benefits of both our natural and synthetic wigs and want to invite others to check out our extensive range to suit all hair colours and hair types as a longer-lasting alternative to pricey hairdresser trips that require regular visits to maintain that perfect ‘salon fresh’ look.”

With UK and worldwide delivery available on all Moramode wigs plus helpful tutorials on wig fitting and maintenance for beginners, wig-wearing offers the perfect illusion of beautiful tresses without the hassle.

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