Private Chef Service SUPPER STARS Launches in Italy to help British Travellers Savour La Dolce Vita

Private Chef Service SUPPER STARS Launches in Italy to help British Travellers Savour La Dolce Vita

European private chef service, SUPPER STARS will help British travellers soaking in the culture, history and breathtaking scenery of Italy to enjoy a true taste of la dolce vita this summer after launching its fine dining private chef experiences in the country.

Italy is the fourth nation to be added to the SUPPER STARS portfolio, following on from Portugal, Spain and the UK. The new launch means that those travelling to Italy can book a private chef to elevate their holiday experience, whether to make a special day overseas all the more memorable or to enjoy complete relaxation at a holiday villa for the duration of the journey.

SUPPER STARS has partnered with the internationally renowned University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, which champions the Slow Food Movement in Italy to promote traditional and regional cuisine. It encourages farming of plants, seeds, and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem, focusing on food quality and sustainability.

Tiago Ribeiro, co-founder of SUPPER STARS said, “We are delighted to launch SUPPER STARS private chef services in Italy, a country which is famous for its fine wine and diverse cuisine. From Alto Adige In northern Italy to Sicily in the south, we look forward to helping visitors indulge in the regional food heritage at the hands of a talented local chef.

“Whether to relax after a day touring the streets of Milan and Florence, to make a boat trip along the scenic Amalfi Coast extra special, or to add an additional level of luxury while taking in the glitz and glamour of Lake Como and Portofino, a SUPPER STARS chef brings the very best of Italy’s restaurants to any private setting, giving a memorable experience and tasty insight into the local culture, all expressed by food.”

SUPPER STARS personalised, gourmet experiences can be reserved for one meal, a full day or for the duration of the trip, whether at a holiday villa, on a boat or at a special event.

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