Private clinic led by specialists launches to provide vital support to women dealing with the menopause

Private clinic led by specialists launches to provide vital support to women dealing with the menopause

The very first Harley Street Clinic dealing primarily with women that are going through the menopause has recently been launched by two gynaecology and menopause specialists.

Menopause Clinic London provides women with a range of services and treatments, all of which have been designed to support the menopause transition and assist women facing difficult symptoms.

The clinic is the product of a collaboration between two leading specialists, Professor Isaac Manyonda and Mr Vikram Talaulikar, both of whom are experts in the field of gynaecology and menopause.

The launch of the MCL could not have been timelier. NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) have not long published their guidance encouraging doctors to offer hormone replacement therapy to more women, recognizing the hugely unmet need and the potential benefits.

An accomplished minimally invasive surgeon with over 25 years of experience, Professor Isaac Manyonda BSc MBBS PhD MRCOG FICOG (Hon), has spent a large portion of his career caring for women dealing with the menopause, resulting in him becoming a member of the British Menopause Clinic and a certified menopause specialist.

Boasting comparably impressive credentials, Mr Vikram Talaulikar MBBS MD MRCOG PhD MICOG is an Associate Specialist at the Reproductive Medicine Unit in University College London Hospital NHS Trust and Hon. Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University College London.

Both specialists will now be providing a plethora of services to women including Hormone replacement therapy, Testosterone therapy and vaginal oestrogens.

Professor Issac Manyonda BSc MBBS PhD MRCOG FICOG (Hon), Co-founder of Menopause Clinic London said: “While many women sail through the menopause and face none of the challenging symptoms including hot flushes and changes in mood, around 25% will be blighted by significantly difficult symptoms that affect their quality of life.

“This clinic has been established to help those women in a focused environment, ensuring that the best form of treatment is sought and provided. Both I and my business partner have extensive knowledge and experience in this field, allowing us to offer the best advice and solutions to ensure that every woman receives an individual treatment plan that suits them.

“Areas that we are able to offer advice in include menopausal sexual dysfunction, fertility treatment following premature menopause and osteoporosis.”

The menopause is different in severity and symptoms for every woman, which is the predominant reason why the Menopause Clinic London offers tailored treatments following consultations.

Other treatments provided by the clinic include Non-HRT alternatives and Novel non-hormonal treatments for vaginal atrophy such as ThermiVa.

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