Private delivery firms struggling due to Royal Mail strikes says Midland Pallet Trucks

Private delivery firms struggling due to Royal Mail strikes says Midland Pallet Trucks

A wave of strikes by postal workers continues in the run-up to Christmas, severely disrupting services for retailers and Christmas shoppers throughout the festive period. This means private delivery firms need to improve their operations to cope with the surge in business, says Phil Chesworth, Managing Director at Midland Pallet Trucks.

Royal Mail staff continue with strike action over pay and conditions, with more walkouts scheduled on the 23rd and 24th of December. As a result, online retailers have had to adjust delivery times for customers, and many have also needed help to receive the supplies they need on time.

As a result of the strike action, many firms have had to seek alternative delivery options, forcing some private delivery services to delay their next-day-delivery options as they try to keep up with demand.

Phil says, “The festive season is one of the busiest periods of the year for delivery services, regardless of whether or not industrial action is taking place. The impact of the strikes has been huge, causing delays for consumers and businesses alike. To lessen the effects of the walkouts, private delivery firms need to do everything they can to ensure seamless operations.”

Midland Pallet Trucks provides warehouses across the country with high-quality material handling equipment, including electric pallet trucksweighing scale trucks, and high-lift pallet trucks. Their equipment allows firms to optimise storage space and maximise efficiency in warehouses.

Phil adds, “With only weeks ahead of us before Christmas, private delivery firms will find themselves increasingly busy. They can organise themselves for the inevitable rush by ensuring their warehouses and staff are well equipped to handle the onslaught of deliveries to come”.

“Our range of materials handling equipment is an affordable way for warehouse managers to improve operations by allowing staff to optimise their time and work more productively. Employees are bound to be feeling pressure, which can lead to mistakes. Our pallet trucks enable workers to move consignments safely, reducing the risk of injury. This is crucial during the strike period when all hands are needed on deck”.

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