Problem Solving Platform Set to Revolutionise Customer Loyalty Programmes with Blockchain Technology

Problem Solving Platform Set to Revolutionise Customer Loyalty Programmes with Blockchain Technology

A creative new platform has taken inspiration from the growing global cryptocurrency market to create a problem-solving piece of technology. Pointium is set to transform how businesses and customers use loyalty programmes through creating a decentralised platform were numerous scheme can be managed at a single, accessible point.

It’s estimated that the points market, from retail points to airline miles, is worth more than $300 billion and is growing at a rate of 6% a year. However, the current system presents problems to both consumers and businesses. Customers are faced with a growing number of loyalty programmes that are difficult to keep track of and maximise the results. While many businesses are finding that their points schemes are poorly performing and are an increasing liability to operations. Pointium solves this problem.

Through creating a decentralised platform for an extensive range of loyalty point systems, Pointium gives consumers flexibility and partner firms more opportunities to market, promote, and encourage purchases. The concept behind the integrative technology has already proven a success with brands, with the likes of Delta Skymiles, IHG Rewards Clubs, and Amtrak Guest Rewards joining the partnership.

Robert Peck, CEO of Pointium, said, “Loyalty programmes can be incredibly valuable to both consumers and businesses but at the moment they’re underused in terms of potential. Using blockchain technology allows the market to open up and for it to be optimised with both parties in mind. It’s the next step in building brand awareness and creating an engaged, loyal customer base in the business to consumer market.”

The Pointium platform has been designed with ease of use in mind, with partners programmes effortlessly integrating into the system. It means that users have a single accessible wallet where they can store and manage their Pointium tokens and points for each company. The Pointium Shop makes it simple for customers to utilise their points to purchase products.

The first round of token pre-sale for Pointium will run from 1st to 15th April 2018, with a further pre-sale and two crowd-sale rounds following during April and May.

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