The Process: How INSTAsmile’s Clip-in Veneers Work

The Process: How INSTAsmile’s Clip-in Veneers Work

INSTAsmile is revealing its unique process that results in revolutionary, non-intrusive solutions for achieving an incredible smile. Recognising that issues with the way peoples’ teeth look are common and severely impact on our confidence, INSTAsmile has set about creating a simple, affordable, and effective answer to a range of teeth problems, including crooked, missing, and stained teeth.

The innovative clip-in veneers work by simply clipping securely into place over existing teeth, hiding the dental concerns of each individual customer. The INSTAsmile approach guarantees that the clip-in veneers are comfortable thanks to creating bespoke veneers for each customer based on an impression of their teeth, ensuring they’re wearable throughout daily activities. The process the business deploys uses cutting edge technology to deliver excellent results at just a fraction of the cost of traditional veneers, making them accessible to a wider market.

Andrew Armitage, Marketing Manager of INSTAsmile, said, “When it comes to dental solutions they’re typically expensive, putting them out of reach for many that are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth, or surgery is required. INSTAsmile offers an alternative. We’ve fine-tuned our process to make it as simple as possible while still delivering the look and comfortable fit that our customers want. Our clip-in veneers are a cost effective option without having to compromise on quality.”

The INSTAsmile process starts online, with customers being able to order either the classic or platinum solution and select their preferred shade to create a natural looking smile. The experienced team at INSTAsmile will then directly post an impression kit, meaning customers never have to leave their home. The impression process has been streamlined and comes with detailed instructions to ensure it’s simple to follow and provides all the information the INSTAsmile lab team need to craft clip-in veneers that securely stay in place pain free. The brand even offers customers the chance to send a photo of their completed impression, ensuring that it’s suitable before they post it.

With the impression delivered, the professional team confirm that it’s suitable and the customer has the competed, high quality clip-in veneers within two weeks. The fast, simple process makes INSTAsmile clip-in veneers an ideal, budget friendly option for those that want to improve their smile.

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