Professional Bodybuilder Battles Back from Injury to Scoop Coveted Musclemania Title

Professional Bodybuilder Battles Back from Injury to Scoop Coveted Musclemania Title

A professional bodybuilder who made history as the youngest pro in the world has proven that with determination and sheer hard work, it’s possible to reach the top of an intensely competitive sport after fighting back from injury. Despite suffering from a serious, complete bicep tendon rupture just last year, new world champion, Kwame Duah has already climbed his way back into the coveted top spot of the prestigious Musclemania Fitness America Show.

The cutthroat competition pits ambitious bodybuilders against each other and after becoming the youngest bodybuilder to turn professional at Musclemania in 2014, it’s no surprise that Kwame is making waves and taking the competition by storm once again. He wowed the judges with his balanced physique, mass and muscle definition to secure the World Pro Champion title. At just 24-years-old, Kwame is only at the start of his professional career with plenty of opportunities to further his development in the sport.

After needing surgery to reattach his ruptured bicep tendon in 2016, the road to success has not been an easy one for Kwame. Initially needing to rest and then build up his strength, the goal of the Musclemania World Championships in Las Vegas was to simply perform better than the last time he had been on stage. Despite having ruptured his tendon going to a 260kg deadlift, he was able to pull 280kg just three months after surgery to lift the World Championship.

Kwame said, “Winning the world title was a surreal experience and when I simply wanted to challenge myself to improve, taking home the trophy was a bonus. I want to be an inspiration for anyone facing challenges in their sporting goals. There are always going to be obstacles in the way, but you can keep focus, work hard, and never give up reaching your aims, and you can even achieve something extra and unexpected along the way.

“It was hard putting all my trust into a recovery process and not having any assurance that the outcome would be what I wanted. One thing I always preach about on social media and have learnt from bodybuilding is to never give up. I started to appreciate training more. When I saw people training in the gym I began thinking how lucky they were to be able to train injury free. What made it harder was the fact that I love lifting heavy

weights and not being able to do that made it more of a challenge. I stuck to my recovery plan though and worked very hard and closely with my physio. Throughout my preparation there was sweat, tears and pain but I

knew what I signed up for when I decided to take on the challenge. Stepping on the stage at Musclemania meant a lot to me. It meant never giving up. The amazing amount of support I got is another thing that pushed me through and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.”

Kwami’s bodybuilding career started at a young age and grew from a passion of all things sports and nutrition related. Having tried has hand at numerous sports during his childhood, he turned to the world of competitive bodybuilding in 2011, becoming a professional just three years later at the age of 21. Racking up guest appearances, titles, and expo presentations, Kwami’s career is set to soar with the World Pro Championship title now bearing his name.

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