Professional Photography Perfect Way to Stay Ahead as Competitive Retail Market Hots Up

Professional Photography Perfect Way to Stay Ahead as Competitive Retail Market Hots Up

It’s not just the mercury that’s rising this summer but the competitive nature of the retail sector. As online sales continue to soar and new entrants arrive on the market, leading photography studio Blend is urging more retailers to think about how they’ll maintain a competitive edge over rivals. The business’s incredible portfolio highlights how professional, creative images not only play a role in creating a brand image but deliver a significant return on investment too.


While British retail sales bounced back in April1, marketing is a core way for businesses to differentiate themselves and capture the attention of their target audience. Creating an exciting brand image that shows off each product has become an essential in a crowded market place. With over twenty years of experience in working with leading brands, it’s an area that Blend knows well.


Barrie Laurence-Gordon, Director of Blend, said “Marketing has always been an essential business aspect but it’s becoming more important at competition rises. It’s often images that first draw people into a marketing campaign when done correctly, capturing their interest and enticing them to learn more. High quality images showcase each item at its best but also consider the brand image at every turn. Professional, superior photography is just what businesses need to stand out from the crowds.”


Blend has produced premium images for leading UK brands, working with customers on every area, from conceiving concepts through to the editing process after the shoot has been completed. The brand’s dedication to high quality for every customer has led to an impressive reputation and a portfolio if instantly recognisable names, including House of Fraser, Ted Baker, Jack Wills, and Dune.


As commercial photographers with a specialist focus on fashion, jewellery, and products, the team behind Blend know exactly how to bring colours to life, capture crisp images, and exhibit every product with its features and audience in mind. The resulting eye-catching photographs can be used for a huge range of applications from stylish look books to large-scale, striking billboards, giving Blend customers beautiful way to connect with target audiences and generate a return on investment.

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