Property maintenance market finally gets Uber like upgrade

Property maintenance market finally gets Uber like upgrade

A Hertfordshire tech business has launched a brand new on-demand service to plug a gap in the property maintenance market. Tradee On Demand is the UK’s first peer-to-peer platform connecting vetted tradespeople with end users such as homeowners, tenants and letting agents in real time.

With the aim of making ordering a tradesperson as easy as ordering an Uber, Tradee On Demand’s long overdue app brings cutting edge innovation to a largely traditional marketplace.

The Tradee On Demand app is designed to counter longstanding issues within the industry, enabling customers to find reliable tradespeople who are available when needed, avoid inflated invoices, and remove the fear of poor workmanship.

The app deploys a strict vetting process to onboard ‘Tradee Experts’, highlighting instantly available traders, setting competitive rates, and championing per minute prices. This transparency gives service users complete confidence upfront that prices will not be rounded up to the next hour.

A two-way review system benefits customers and tradespeople alike, with tradespeople on the app also able to avoid high rates for leads, paying monthly subscriptions for listings, and time spent doing quotes.

Business co-founders Jamie Matthews and Bob Dha have over 35 years combined experience in property maintenance and business and digital marketing respectively. They were inspired to create Tradee On Demand after each struggled to source tradespeople when needed.

Jamie Matthews said, “Around six years ago, I ended up having to use online directories to find someone to fix an urgent leak, as my contractors at the time weren’t available.

“After two hours, I finally found someone, but he wasn’t available until the next morning, plus he was charging over three times the going market rate to come out. I reluctantly booked him, but he didn’t even show the next day.”

Bob Dha added, “When I heard Jamie’s idea to create a platform that made it easy to find a tradesperson when needed, I immediately related to it as I had previous experiences of finding it difficult getting hold of tradespeople too. We recognised that lots of people must have experienced the same frustrations that we had, either via unreliable services or bigger than expected bills, plus the difficulties that come with simply finding someone who can come out there and then. Our app removes all of those barriers and makes sourcing a professional plumber, electrician, handyman or similar quick, easy and straightforward.”

Tradee On Demand is currently onboarding tradespeople to become Tradee Experts in Hertfordshire before a national rollout. The app will be available to customers from 15th March 2021.

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