Pure, organic natural hair care range Angel en Provence Lands in UK Salons

Pure, organic natural hair care range Angel en Provence Lands in UK Salons

UK salons can now drench their client’s tresses in pure, organic and natural goodness as the totally unique new Angel En Provence range debuts for hair care professionals.

Packed with natural goodness and brimming with pure, wonderfully restorative ingredients, the Angel En Provence collection fuses its environmentally conscious vision with advanced micro-molecule extraction technology. The range breaks down plant essences into micro molecules allowing for deeper penetration and absorption by the hair shaft, infusing each strand with powerful natural goodness.

A complete system comprising of shampoos, conditioners, mask, scalp treatments, styling and finishing products, Angel En Provence products are formulated for eight different hair types.

The harmonious blend of technology, pure essential oils and plant extracts calls on powerhouse ingredients harvested from Mother Nature to deliver dazzling results and leave hair feeling soft, healthy and utterly rejuvenated.

For dry to damaged hair, Angel En Provence uses Helichrysum extract and ginkgo biloba leaf extract to deeply moisturize and repair parched, damaged hair from within.

Verbena, with its fresh lemon scent, is blended with rose extract and bergamia fruit extract for oily hair.

Precious, pure bitter orange flower extract is used to help care coloured hair vibrant and protect from UV rays.

For fine hair, lavender extract, grapefruit extract and rosemary leaf oil are beautifully blended to give body to limp strands.

Rosemary leaf oil, ginger root extract and sage oil are harmoniously blended to help prevent hair loss, thanks to the rosemary oil’s ability to regulate the function of cortex and stimulate hair regeneration by promoting blood circulation of the scalp.

For those with dry flaky scalp or dandruff and even psoriasis, the anti-inflammatory and sterilizing properties of green tea have been formulated with menthe arvenis and rosemary leaf essential oils to control excess sebum secretion.

The Angel En Provence range for curly hair uses luxurious rose oil blended with ginkgo biloba to help create an alluring and elegant look with a trace of the beautiful rose fragrance.

Finally, grapefruit extract, rich in nutrients and precious vitamins, delivers a wonderfully glossy shine for straight hair.

Five systematic scalp treatments complete the Angel En Provence range, to relax and cleanse oily and dry scalps. The scalp treatment system includes solutions for those prone to dandruff, hair loss and a sensitive scalp.

“Heaven in a bottle” All Angel En Provence hair care products are 89% certified organic and free from SLS and SLES, paraffin, mineral oils and animal testing. Angel En Provence is stocked exclusively by M & R Ventures for hair care professionals. View the range and find out more at: http://www.mnrventures.co.uk/angelenprovence.