Pure, organic and naturally sublime skincare line CHIC by DMO launches with luxury in the detail

Pure, organic and naturally sublime skincare line CHIC by DMO launches with luxury in the detail

Beauty mavens seeking pure, natural, indulgent luxury can drench their skin in goodness and scent their home in purity as the dreamy new skin and bodycare line, CHIC by DMO launches.

Developed by the team behind Holland Park celebrity hair and beauty haven, Scissors Palace, CHIC by DMO is a blissful collection of body butters, scrubs and soothing massage candle. Inspired by the concept of luxury in a detail, CHIC by DMO skincare infuses the senses with a sublime slick of euphoria, a small, beautiful indulgence to elevate the everyday into a moment to be savoured.

The CHIC by DMO butter bar is an elegant centrepiece for the product range, hydrating and nourishing dry skin with a luxurious, moisturizing elixir. The body butter bars come in a choice of four fragrances; chocolate and orange, coconut, grapes and green tea.

Each creamy butter bar is infused with nourishing, relaxing almond oil which gently clears skin of impurities and unclogs pores while hydrating, antioxidant-rich vitamin E which protects skin from free radicals and fights the signs of aging and conditioning, nourishing beeswax to soothe skin and leave it feeling silky soft. Natural extracts subtly perfume the butter bar, leaving a sensual hint of fragrance on the skin after use.

CHIC by DMO body scrubs offer a glow in a pot and act as naturally organic, utterly luxurious buffers to gently slough off dead skin cells to reveal the bright, fresh and silky new skin beneath. A heavenly mix of virgin plant oil and butter, the lightweight scrub glides on to the body and buffs away dull skin, restoring radiance and ephemeral glow with natural goodness.

For those who crave a serene sanctuary at home, the restful CHIC by DMO eco candle is made from soy and palm wax, which slowly release their fragrance to gently scent your space with the essence of wellbeing. Once lit, the candle bathes the room in its restful, soothing aroma – perfect for quiet meditation, as the backdrop to a relaxing massage or simply to accompany the indulgent act of sinking into a warm tub.  With its natural argan and sandalwood scent, the organic massage candle teases the senses with an invitation to drift off on a journey to the Orient.

Designer Dorothy Majcher – Owsiana said, “CHIC by DMO is founded on my concept of luxury in a detail. I believe in the power of inner passion and its drive on creativity. These are my two secret ingredients and I have crafted my own line of unique, bespoke products with this belief at the heart. Whether it is a home decor detail or any personal use luxury product, doesn’t our mood pretty much revolve around the small and the beautiful? From here, CHIC by DMO and its luxurious, natural range of beautiful organic skincare products was born.”

All CHIC by DMO products are cruelty free and do not contain parabens or sulphates.

The full collection of CHIC by DMO products will be available from 19th June at Scissors Palace, 122 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UA and online at