In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are left seeking an image overhaul. The ‘quarantine uniform’ of sweatpants might be fine in lockdown, but for people seeking to get back out there, style is much more complicated.

Image development pioneers Purple Feather Tree are on a mission to help their clients improve their image, through a series of dynamic new courses.

The right image can not only influence the way the world sees a person but also how they see themselves. The courses created by Purple Feather Tree are dubbed ‘Develograms’, and each course is flexible enough to suit the needs of every woman.

Whilst image consultancy is nothing new, the way Purple Feather Tree approaches it helps the company stand out from its competition. Instead of lecturing clients, the team focuses on training which puts the power firmly in the client’s hands. They don’t work with clients long-term, instead equipping them with the tools they need to present themselves how they want to be perceived.

There’s no second-hand learning, only a journey of style discovery during which Purple Feather Tree acts as the perfect intermediary.

Purple Feather Tree’s ‘Develograms’ focus on specific areas, to pinpoint style categories where the client may feel they need to improve. The i-Style Develogram helps clients understand where they fit in the style landscape and equips them with everything they need to know to develop their style aesthetic. Meanwhile, the i-Accessories Develogram helps clients harness stylish accessories as a means of further building their self-image – encouraging them to seek out a broad range of accessory types and get to grips with how they can work with their personal style.

“We’re delighted to launch Purple Feather Tree and introduce a new range of courses to image-conscious individuals,” says Alexandra Osbourne, Founder of Purple Feather Tree. “Each program has been developed to help our clients connect with their confidence and personal development, giving them the tools to create image overhauls tailor-made for them, and the people they care about.”

The i-Image Foundation is currently on offer with a pre-sale 50% off, prior to a full launch Christmas 2021. This offer includes both the i-Style and i-Accessories Develograms, completely free of charge.

Find out more and sign up for the discounts at the official website www.purplefeathertree.com/pft-shop