Queen of Folk Music Maddy Prior MBE Brings Joyous Collaboration and Entertainment to Venues Across UK

Queen of Folk Music Maddy Prior MBE Brings Joyous Collaboration and Entertainment to Venues Across UK

Fans of folk music and British talent are in for a treat as renowned artist Maddy Prior is taking her stunning vocals and musical abilities into venues across the UK throughout October 2017. Once again, she’ll be joining forces with skilful Hannah James and stunning instrumentalist Giles Lewin. Together the brilliant trio will take audiences on a journey of music from the British Isles and Eastern Europe in their daring acoustic style that enhances the fine vocals on display.

With over 40 years of experience entertaining in venues, Maddy Prior has become an influential and recognisable name in the British music scene. Putting her own unique twist on traditions, she’s risen to prominence working with some of the most exceptional musicians in the world. Among the list of rare talent Prior has worked with are accordion player, singer, and clog dancer Hannah James and Giles Lewin of Bellowhead and Carnival Band fame. The latest concert featuring the three phenomenal musicians will balance songs from their debut album 3 For Joy, which transformed fourteenth century poems and tales of the industrial revolution, and new material that focuses on the wild field, mainly concerned with birds, hares and their place in folk mythology.

Maddy Prior said, “I am blessed, working in music, with excellent musicians. Over the years it has been a delight, and no musical endeavour has been more enjoyable than working with Hannah James and Giles Lewin”

John Dagnell, Managing Director of Park Promotions LTD, said, “Maddy Prior, Giles Lewin, and Hannah James perfectly balance each other out, effortlessly blending exquisite vocals and beautiful instrumentals. Previous tours the trio have completed have been hugely well received and we’re expecting this year’s Maddy Prior in Concert with Hannah Hames and Giles Lewin to be even bigger.”

Hailed as the Queen of Folk Music, Maddy Prior MBE has established an enviable reputation within the music industry, working as both a soloist and within bands, including pivotal folk rock band Steeleye Span. Her innate talent, passion, and ability to put a unique twist on classics ensures that fans are always treated to something new and inspiring.

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