Quirky clothing brand for the modern mamma changes the infant fashion scene

Quirky clothing brand for the modern mamma changes the infant fashion scene

A quirky and tongue in cheek fashion brand for fashionista parents has debuted its latest  range, the safari collection, to rave reviews this week.

Mommamakes is the go-to brand for high quality, on-trend mum and baby merch and has enjoyed stellar success following the launch of their ‘Tired Mums’ Club’ range of t-shirts, mugs, pin badges and matching clothing for young children.

Once Mommamakes had firmly established themselves as designers of cute and quirky outfits for infants, they branched out and increased their range with biker style t-shirts, funky leggings, Babygro’s and vests featuring slogans such as ‘Baby Life’ and ‘Probably Tired’ capturing the attention of modern mothers throughout the UK.

Not to be left out, the brand also produces a range of matching t-shirts for mum, dad and even young at heart grandparents.

Keeping up with the latest trends is a key focus for the team at Mommamakes, and over the last few months they’ve been hard at work designing and manufacturing a brand-new range of funky infant fashions dubbed ‘the safari collection’.

Featuring printed clothing with safari style leopard, zebra and snakeskin prints, the new product line gives a fun, alternative twist on the usual infant clothing offering and so far, has been a huge hit with parents looking for something a little different for their prince and princesses.

Aimee Johnstone of Mommamakes said, “We couldn’t believe the response we received when we first launched our new safari product line, visitors flocked to our website to check out the new collection and we received so much traffic that our site temporarily crashed!

Luckily, we got things up and running again, and we’ve already received some amazing feedback from customers who are loving the new range and plenty of orders too!”

To find out more about Mommamakes and to discover their exciting new safari collection, visit https://mommamakes.co.uk/