Race To Infinity Maths Game Makes Maths Fun and Enjoyable this World Maths Day

Race To Infinity Maths Game Makes Maths Fun and Enjoyable this World Maths Day

Those looking to get their children and pupils to learn maths through pure fun will be able to do so in style this World Maths Day thanks to Race To Infinity, the innovative maths game that helps children fall in love with maths.

Race To infinity is the brainchild of software developer and former investment banker, Grace E Olugbodi, who created the game to combat the epidemic of maths anxiety amongst school children in the UK. Race To Infinity wants to challenge the image of mathematics being a complicated and boring subject.

Grace said: “Many children have the impression that maths is a dull and difficult subject, often due to the learning methods used at schools and being inadvertently made to feel by some teachers that they might not be a ‘maths person’.

“As a result of this, when many young children are faced with maths problems they either get turned off the subject completely and don’t engage, which can negatively affect their life prospects, or struggle badly and become upset and anxious. Our game can change that completely and make this upcoming World Maths Day the best yet in terms of engaging pupils with maths and boosting their affinity and prowess with the subject.”

The process of playing Race To Infinity is simple; children must get to the centre of the board (infinity) by raising 200 credits. Children roll the two dice to get two numbers which they can then add, subtract, divide or multiply to give them the number they can use to progress around the board.

Once they’ve got 200 credits by landing on power ups and luck cards around the edge of the board, kids can complete the final challenge of getting to the centre (infinity) by adding, multiplying, subtracting or dividing their number. This is the amount needed to move to the centre. Children can play individually or in groups of 2-4 players and the game is suitable for children aged 6 and over.

Grace fell in love with maths and gained incredible maths confidence through the support her father gave her with maths when she was 10 years old. She went on to win several maths prizes and she strongly believes that this confidence shaped her life successes to date.

Race To Infinity also teaches several life skills including critical thinking, creative thinking, spatial skills, analytical thinking, logic and deductive reasoning.

Grace added: “Maths anxiety is a crippling problem in the UK which traditional methods of teaching simply don’t address. It leaves behind scores of schoolchildren with badly affected life chances which a simple change in teaching style could remedy. Over 2 million students in the UK are victims of maths anxiety, which is hopefully something Race To Infinity can change this World Maths Day.”

BeGenio, the brand which Race To Infinity is a part of, has trialled the game in over 260 demonstrations in schools, tuition centres and homes around the UK and abroad, with incredible results.

More than 250 glowing reviews from children, parents, head teachers, maths heads and co-ordinators have been received, with many noting the increased engagement they saw in their pupils when using Race To Infinity and their increased confidence when faced with maths problems. What’s more, Race To Infinity has been tested in special needs school classes with similar results of increased engagement and confidence among pupils.

Race To Infinity was also recently adopted by the Maths Lead in the London Borough of Wandsworth as gifts for their schools’ tournament in August 2017.

For more information about Race To Infinity, please visit http://www.racetoinfinity.com/ or email info@easymathskills.com.

Race To Infinity is also available to purchase on Amazon at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N5TW0ZH