Radiant at Any Age: Zeeelle Unveils New Wig Collection Tailored for Women Over 40

Radiant at Any Age: Zeeelle Unveils New Wig Collection Tailored for Women Over 40

More than 50% of women experience hair loss post menopause, leading to self-esteem issues and distress. One company, Zeeelle, is here to empower women who have suffered from hair loss with their latest venture, the MIDI QUINTET wig collection, tailored specifically for women over 40 to fight back against the signs of aging.

As part of this release, the company aims to redefine perceptions of ageless beauty and transform the confidence of its customers. Frey Necole, the Creative Director of Zeeelle, emphasises that the collection goes beyond merely offering wigs and instead, offers women a way to reclaim their confidence and feel more youthful, even if they are part of the one in two women who experience mid-life hair loss.

“The MIDI QUINTET collection is about embracing change and celebrating the beauty that comes with age. We’ve designed an array of wigs to cater to the distinct needs of women in this demographic. Our focus is on providing a natural look and feel that meets the unique requirements of women over 40 who are experiencing post-menopause symptoms and struggling with the signs of aging”.

Unfortunately, it’s too often the case that women older than 40 are a demographic that are often neglected by society, with menopausal women often lacking the basic support they deserve. Zeeelle acknowledges the diverse challenges women face as they age, and the collection responds to these challenges, providing a range of solutions for women dealing with issues like postpartum hair loss or age-related hair thinning.

The collection offers a versatile and effective option for women seeking a practical solution that doesn’t compromise their confidence. The wigs offer a way to achieve an instant makeover and enhance self-assurance without causing harm to their natural hair.

At the heart of Zeeelle’s mission is the commitment to realism and quality. Unlike other wigs in the market, their wigs are handcrafted to ensure the wig hairline look like it is naturally growing from your scalp. Each piece is specially made with a scalp replica that matches the wearer’s scalp colour.

For more information, visit: www.zeeelle.com