Raft of Exciting Features for BitcoinZ Community Opens Up Thriving Cryptocurrency Market to All

Raft of Exciting Features for BitcoinZ Community Opens Up Thriving Cryptocurrency Market to All

 Decentralised cryptocurrency made waves in the financial market in 2017 but 2018 is set to be the year that it becomes more accessible thanks to the features of successful community BitcoinZ. Launching just last year, the superfast cryptocurrency has already developed its own multi-platform wallet and its latest features are giving savvy investors an opportunity to be part of its fast-growing community to make a profit.

Recognising that technology and knowledge are the most common barriers stopping people using cryptocurrency despite an interest. It’s these obstacles that BitcoinZ is breaking down. Through using leading, smart technologies anyone with a standard graphics card has the capability to carry out graphics processer unit (GPU) mining allowing users to be part of the current cryptocurrency gold rush. To address the lack of cryptocurrency expertise, the BitcoinZ community, which is always keen to welcome new members, has produced and released a GUI miner tutorial to help those exploring cryptocurrency for the first time to get grips with the processes.

Cryptocurrencies have been booming, Bitcoin alone sees over 10,000 transactions every hour and it’s valued sored over 2017. A single Bitcoin would have cost around $800 at its 2016 peak, today it’s worth over $14,000. It’s an upward trend that the fast developing BitcoinZ community is taking advantage of. With an active, engaged member base, the new BitcoinZ info board – https://info.btcz.rocks/  allows every user to vote and support proposals that are designed to further BitcoinZ.

[“The Bitcoinz Team”] [(members of the social media communities of BTCZ)], said, “Cryptocurrency has received a huge amount of press attention in the last few months as values soar. Around the world, people want to get a slice of the action too but knowing where to start is a challenge. At BitcoinZ our aim is to build a community that’s accessible to everyone. Our latest video launch is just the next step in that processes.”

In addition to the video tutorial, BitcoinZ has also updated its wallet feature and incorporated Coinomi listings. The combination gives users complete control over their cryptocurrency and works across multiple platforms. BitcoinZ users can also expect to take advantage of a

community wallet from February 2018, with the exciting new detail now in the final stages of the development process.

[@The BTCZ Team] added, “Our ethos of continuous development means BitcoinZ users, new and veterans alike, always have new features to explore allowing them to get the most out of our platform and their operations.”

Already available in 14 languages, BitcoinZ is fast becoming one of the essential tools used in cryptocurrency. Designed to offer full financial freedom, BitcoinZ is 100% decentralised with a supportive, open community.

To find out more visit btcz.rocks/en/.

View BitcoinZ GUI Miner tutorial video here: youtube.com/watch?v=RI-V7n8amFk&feature=youtu.be