Raquex Launches New Range of World Squash Federation-Approved Squash Balls

Raquex Launches New Range of World Squash Federation-Approved Squash Balls

Racket sport equipment retailer Raquex has announced the launch of a new range of high-quality squash balls. Designed for every skill level, the balls are crafted from high-quality rubber, with two approved by the World Squash Federation – offering the perfect blend of quality and performance for players of all levels.

There are four balls within the range, colour-coded with the usual dots you’d expect to represent different skill levels. This means all players can be certain they’re using the best type of ball for their skill and gameplay, ensuring seamless progression as they advance.

  • JUNIOR – Blue Dot:
    Raquex’s blue dot squash balls are tailored for juniors and beginners, offering a lower bounce for a controlled playing experience. They are ideal for young players developing skills and confidence in the game.
  • BEGINNER – Red Dot:
    Designed for beginner and recreational players, the red dot squash balls provide a slightly faster pace and more bounce than blue dot balls. They are perfect for players advancing their skills, offering a controlled yet dynamic playing experience.
  • ADVANCED – Single Yellow Dot (WSF approved):
    Crafted for intermediate to advanced players, the single yellow dot squash balls feature a higher bounce and faster speed, that makes them ideal for competitive play and skill progression.
  • COMPETITION – Double Yellow Dot (WSF approved):
    Created for advanced and competitive players, the double yellow dot squash balls ensure a fast pace and maximum bounce – delivering a top-tier playing experience for tournaments and professional play.

Olly Rose, former competitive squash player and founder of Raquex, says, “As always, we are proud to offer premium quality racket sports products designed and stocked in the UK to ensure players have ample choice, regardless of their current level or ability.

“Raquex’s squash balls offer versatile gameplay, and they’re designed with players of all ages and skill sets in mind. While each category of ball is crafted with a different type of player in mind, all are durable, with consistent shape retention and a reliable bounce. The World Squash Federation has high standards, and at Raquex we are proud to meet each of them.”

To find out more about Raquex, visit: https://www.raquex.com