Raw Labels considers if nurseries would benefit from allowing children to spend more time outside

Raw Labels considers if nurseries would benefit from allowing children to spend more time outside

A brand that sells a variety of labels and printing solutions for parents of toddlers and young children is keen to highlight the benefits of allowing children to spend more time playing outside while they are at school or nursery.

Raw Labels designs and makes a number of products that have been designed to ensure that children and their possessions remain recognizable in the classroom and on school trips and is drawing attention to the benefits for children that spend more time playing outside, which can include increased social skills and a reduction in stress levels.

An Oxfordshire nursery has recently received praise in the form of an outstanding rating from Ofsted thanks to encouraging children to play outside for at least three hours a day and for also allowing them to sleep outside in the fresh air.

The Aunties’ Old School Nursery has pioneered this outdoor approach, which endeavors to encourage children to strengthen their links with the natural world by making dens and climbing trees.

Sven Miller, Sales Manager of Raw Labels said: “It’s encouraging to see that nurseries up and down the country are doing more to help young children engage with the outside world. With the rise of technology, it’s more important than ever for the youth of today to put down the smartphones and iPods and get out in the fresh air.

“Having children play safely in the sunlight will ensure that they are receiving the appropriate levels of Vitamin D and studies have also shown that exposure to natural settings can help to reduce the symptoms of attention deficit disorder, which affects around 11% of all children.

“Remaining safe outside is of course important and some parents may be wary about their children playing outside in large open spaces, but they really needn’t be. Our wristbands are made of sturdy and soft fabric that has been designed to keep little ones safe. Parents can write their child’s name of the wristband, as well as their own contact details if a child is to go missing while they are outside.”

Raw Label’s wristbands are available in 18 different designs and there are options for both girls and boys to enjoy. From knights holding swords to princesses waving their wands, there is something for every child available in the range.

For more information about Raw Labels, check out the website at: www.rawlabels.co.uk