Raw labels give parents outdoor activity inspiration for the cooler months

Raw labels give parents outdoor activity inspiration for the cooler months

With winter fast approaching, many parents are concerned that their children might not be getting the exercise and mental stimulation they need during the cooler months and are instead sat in the house glued to the television or games console.

However, Raw Labels, a company specialising in resilient labels, wristbands and stickers for children is offering some outdoor activity inspiration to parents to help get their kids off the sofa and out into the crisp air.

One of the easiest ideas for parents is a colour walk, where children are given an old digital camera or mobile phone with a camera so they can capture a range of different autumnal colours during their walk. This will allow children to get some much-needed exercise and learn more about the changing seasons and variety of natural flora and fauna on their doorstep.

With a little planning, parents can also arrange a treasure hunt around the local park or even their own back garden by hiding little bits of ‘treasure’ inside Tupperware tubs for the children to find. Using simple clues, a treasure hunt can help keep children entertained for hours and allow them to find crayons, glitter and other little craft materials so they can warm up indoors with a creative project later on.

Another wonderful autumn idea to get the little ones out of the house and keep their minds busy is to engage them with some leaf play. Gardens and parks are filled with freshly fallen leaves, so on a dry weekend wrap them up warm and head off for some leaf maze building or to find a collection of colourful leaves for them to bring home and use as part of a collage.

Sven Miller from Raw Labels said “Autumn is a season packed full of amazing colours and textures for children to explore, so it’s a great time of year to go out and enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer.

“Watching children romp around is leaves or uncover hidden treasure is great fun for parents too, but make sure that your little ones don’t stray too far during their autumnal adventures and equip them with one of our re-useable ID wristbands just in case they wander off.”

The reusable kid’s ID wristbands from Raw Labels contain the child’s name, parents contact phone number and a cute and colourful image that makes them popular with children and gives peace of mind for parents taking their child outdoors during the cooler months.

To find out more visit https://www.rawlabels.co.uk/reusable-wristband-for-kids