Raw Labels highlights the benefits of wristbands for keeping children safe at school

Raw Labels highlights the benefits of wristbands for keeping children safe at school

A brand specializing in personalized printing and labels for toddlers and children is offering caring parents peace of mind while their little ones are at school or away on trips in the form of their reusable children’s wristbands.

Raw Labels designs and sells a variety of items that can be personalized including name labels, iron on clothing labels and labels with photos, all of which can incorporate a child’s name, address and parent’s contact information, ensuring that children are kept safe and recognizable while they are at school and nursery or away on school trips.

The reusable wristbands are waterproof and can be marked using a water-resistant pen, making them ideal for children that are going away on school excursions that involve activities in the water such as swimming or kayaking.

Sven Miller, Sales Manager said: “For parents that are just sending their children away on their first school trip, it can be a scary and daunting time. With fears that they may get lost or find themselves separated from the group, it’s completely natural for parents to have fears about these sorts of outings.

“Luckily our wristbands can help to put the minds of parents and care givers at ease. Easy to put on and remove, the wristbands are made of a sturdy and soft plastic, ensuring that children are comfortable while also remaining safe.

“It’s not just parents that will benefit from the wristbands either, as vigilant teachers can also purchase them in batches, ensuring that they have enough for all of the children that they are responsible for the duration of trips and days out.”

Little ones are often resilient to wearing new things and are inclined to take them off if they don’t like them. Parents can rest easy when it comes to these wristbands though, which come in 18 different designs and will appeal to both sexes. From knights holding swords to princesses waving their wands, there is something for every child available in the range.

For more information about Raw Labels, check out the website at: www.rawlabels.co.uk